Sunday, August 2, 2009

WoW Auction Mastery – Mastering the Auction House

Since the beginning of World of Warcraft, making gold was considered to be of the utmost importance for any player who wished to progress in game. There are various gold guides available on the market, representing different techniques in gold making. WoW Auction Mastery is a guide that gives a highlight on the Auction House and its use in making loads of gold.

Why there is such a need for gold in WoW?

Well, when you start leveling you will have a need for various items to enhance your stats, pay for training skills, leveling professions and the most important thing is, you will need a mount to speed up your movement. Once you hit the max level the fun starts. If you are in a raiding guild you will need to come to raids. Raids are very thrilling and you will get to see the end game bosses, tryout tactics and contribute to your guild’s progress. However, wipes are inevitable and repairs costs gold. Then there is again the mount issue. Epic mounts, flying skill and flying mounts, dual spec, power-leveling of professions, alt characters, useful items and enchants you will need to enhance your gear, etc. It all costs gold!

Click Here to Master the Auction House

Mastering the Auction House is something very different from any other gold making technique. By using the AH to make gold you won’t have the need to grind or craft items. However, you will need to understand how the Auction House works and how you can use it in your favor.

WoW Auction House was always admired in the world of mmorpgs. It was considered to be a very special and useful feature found in an online mmorpg and players love it. You can basically put any item on the AH and sell it or you can search for an item and compare the prices in order to get the best bargain.

WoW Auction Mastery, a guide made by Mayley Winter, will show you how you can raise your profits up to thousands of gold with an investment of just a few silver. For this kind of gold making technique it is important to use some of the wow addons like Auctioneer. Using this addon will give you a better insight on how AH works and how to use it in a proper way.

The video Mayley has posted to promote her WoW Auction Mastery guide has triggered the interest of many players. Her videos are of a full quality so one can see clearly what she is doing and how. The interesting thing is that she starts with a level 1 character and with no gold! Within 4 hours she is able to make 1000 gold using the Auction House. Through the video she will also present her viewers with the opportunity to see how to use an addon such as Auctioneer and its full features. She will show which items one should bid on, when to buyout, how to compare prices and find the best price, tips for reselling, etc.

Get Your Step by Step Videos that Show You How You Can Make a Ton of Gold!

As Mayley states, her WoW Auction Mastery guide will give you the opportunity to earn gold easily. It is basically earning gold on an autopilot! There will be no more boring grinding, no need to buy gold online and waste real money on it, no more borrowing the gold from your guildies and friends and no more doing the daily quests all over again. With WoW Auction Mastery guide you can make gold easily and without much effort!

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