Saturday, August 1, 2009

WoW Auction – Buying and Selling has Never Been More Fun!

WoW Auction House, often referred as AH, is a great place where WoW players can find anything they might need and even make good profit using some advanced techniques. On the AH you can find the categories of items such as Weapons, Armor pieces, Containers, Consumables, Gyphs, Trade Goods, Recipes, Gems, Quest Items, etc. These main categories have their subcategories where you can search for a specific item you need.

Basically, you can sell anything on WoW Auction House, from the junk items up to more valuable items you can craft or get in game. However, guides like Mayley’s WoW Auction Mastery will not teach you how to craft and sell. This particular guide will teach you how to resell and use the AH in the best possible way. It is all about comparing, putting the right price, buying cheap and reselling. No matter how this may sound easy, there are a few tips, tricks and some common mistakes you need to be aware of in order to be a successful reseller.

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You can find WoW Auction House in any capital city. For Alliance there is Stormwind (Human capital), Ironforge (home for the Dwarves and Gnomes), Darnassus (Night Elves’ sanctuary) and Exodar (newer capital and the city of the Draenei). For Horde there is Thunder Bluff (capital of the Tauren), Ogrimmar (home for the Trolls and Orcs), Silvermoon (magical home of Blood Elves) and Undercity (capital of the Undead). There are also a few of the neutral Auction Houses located in Gadgetzan, Everlook and Booty Bay. On these neutral AHs, both Horde and Alliance players are welcome to buy, bid and sell items.

Near every Auction House you can find a mail box which comes as very handy since you don’t have to run far to check your mail and receive the gold or pick up the auctions that expired. To get a full use of the WoW Auction House you should take the advice which Mayley Winter gives in her WoW Auction Mastery guide – install Auctioneer addon! By using this addon you will be able to use the most useful features and get the best out of your AH reselling business. This is considered as one of the best tips for earning large amounts of gold through the Auction House.

This very useful addon will provide you with all the necessary data and tools that you need for making your decisions with ease. It will give you detailed information for all items found in game like items that are used for some recipes or in quests.

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Using WoW Auction House to boost your gold funds is the easiest and the most fun way of making gold. Buying and reselling is interesting and will not take much of your time while the results will be amazing. Take a look at Mayley’s WoW Auction Mastery guide and see how easy it is. The level cap is of no importance and this is exactly what Mayley will show you. The amount of money for your start is also low. All you will need is just a few silver coins which you can easily earn while getting your character to the closest capital city and selling all the junk and gray armor you have on you.

It is nice to be able to afford all wonders World of Warcraft has in store for its players. Buying an epic flying skill and a mount in example, or power-leveling your professions will become really easy!

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